The Giver
by: Lois Lowry
Chapters 16 to 19

Reading - Read Chapters 16 to 19. Please do not read ahead. There are internet based activities for those students who have successfully completed the following work.

A. Vocabulary - Word analogies are equations in which the first pair of words has the same relationship as the second pair of words. For example: SHALLOW is to DEEP as FRIVOLOUS is to SOLEMN. Both pairs of words are antonyms. Choose the best word from the words below to complete each of the analogies below. Write in your duotang.
fleeting, glum, obsolete, horde, suppress, ecstatic, realm

PRESIDENT is to REPUBLIC as MONARCH is to _______________________.
ECSTATIC is to JOYOUS as MELANCHOLY is to _______________________.
FLOCK is to BIRDS as _______________________ is to INSECTS.
CENSOR is to BOOKS as _______________________ is to SPEECH.
PERMANENT is to BRIEF as ETERNAL is to _______________________.
HUNGRY is to STARVING as HAPPY is to ________________________.
SELFISH is to GIVING as INNOVATIVE is to _______________________.

B. Questions (You must read the chapters before doing the questions)
1. Why did The Giver apologize to Jonas after sharing the memory of war?
2. Why were Jonas and his father worried about GabrielŐs fretfulness at night?
3. How did Jonas try to solve this problem?
4. List one advantage and one disadvantage of the family unit in JonasŐs community as compared to the family as we know it in our society.
5. How did JonasŐs range of emotions differ from those of his family and friends?
6. How did Jonas react to the childrenŐs war game?
7. Why did Jonas feel powerless and alone when Fiona and Asher rode off on their bicycles?
8. Why did the community refer to the former Receiver-in-training as a failure? How did this failure affect the rules that applied to Jonas?
9. What shocked Jonas when he viewed his father ŇreleasingÓ one of the newborn twins?
10. What did Jonas learn about the communityŐs rule about lying?
11. What feelings do you think Jonas had about his father and the rules under which the community lived after watching the Ceremony of Release of the newborn twin?

C. Literary Devices - 1. Dramatic Irony - Complete the following exercise on dramatic irony.

Jonas . . . had wondered what lay Elsewhere. Was there someone there, waiting, who would receive the tiny released twin? Would it grow up Elsewhere, not knowing, ever, that in this community lived a being who looked exactly the same? (donŐt have to answer these)

For a moment he felt a tiny, fluttering hope that he knew was quite foolish. He hoped that it would be Larissa, waiting.... Fiona had told him recently that Larissa had been released at a wonderful ceremony.

What does the reader understand about this statement that Jonas does not? (answer this)

2. Literary Device: Euphemisms

a)What was the euphemism for death in JonasŐs community?
b) Name two euphemisms for death in our society.
c) What are some euphemisms for ...BATHROOM...GARBAGE COLLECTOR

D. Summaries - Make sure you have made summaries for each of the chapters in your novel. Use paragraph form, indent, and either handwrite or type. The summary should tell what happened, the setting and the characters involved in each chapter.